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Exploration and Geological Services

We service all stages of the mining cycle, from early stage exploration through to development, production and full-scale operation.

Equipment Maintenance Schedules

We plan the various processes that are employed to keep your equipment in proper  working order. The idea is to ensure that your equipment is in compliance with any  safety regulations that may apply, as well as remain capable of producing the desired  output. Maintenance of this type is ongoing, and is related to such a number of  business settings, including manufacturing plants and administrative offices.  

Health, Safety and Environmental Issues

We provide consultation and solutions for new equipment for personnel protection, new approaches to mine design, more effective emergency preparedness plans and procedures. This we do in accordance to major changes in legislation, regulation, and enforcement and also for your business to achieve higher standards of health and safety. 

Independent Site Inspections and Management Review

NIITCO provides independent site inspectors to ensure that standards are met. Furthermore management processes would be evaluated to ensure smooth integration into daily site operations.  

Mining Solutions

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